Thank You KCDS Family!!

01/09/2018 – Back in November, Sean Durbin came to us as Ambassador for the KCDS middle school students wanting to collect donations for The American Red Cross Puerto Rico Relief Fund. On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. It shut off all of their power, cell service, and destroyed many peoples’ homes. Sean then went out, bought a big blue bucket to collect donations in, and posted signs requesting participation from everyone. We are so proud to tell you that Sean, his fellow middle school students, and all of the other generous hearts at KCDS, raised a grand total of $182.60 towards The Puerto Rico Relief Fund!!




Announcing Our “New” Head of School – Brian Steele

01/05/2018 – In September 2016, Kalamazoo Country Day School began a search for a new permanent Head of School. We designed a comprehensive search process incorporating the best practices espoused by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank our search committee for their tireless efforts. The team vetted dozens of candidates and narrowed the field to three candidates.

During this time, the Board spent a great deal of time trying to identify the key attributes that would make our next Head of School successful. The school’s mission is: “To provide a supportive, challenging and creative academic environment for talented and motivated students to prepare them for lifelong achievement.” While this mission clearly states our objectives, it does not say who we are. We are a unique community of students, parents and teachers who care deeply about each other and our community. We believe that retaining and enhancing this family atmosphere is critical to our future success. Ultimately, this realization highlighted the importance of finding a candidate who understands our values and culture.

I am delighted to announce that Brian Steele has accepted the Board’s offer to become the permanent Head of School. Brian embodies both our commitment to academic excellence and dedication to a community based learning environment. We believe that Brian is the right leader to help us rebuild enrollment.

Brian has graciously agreed to lead the school for a minimum of three years. We have also agreed on a number of additional steps to improve the overall governance of the school and to ensure the improvements we have made to curriculum and faculty development processes are integrated into the culture of the school. You will be seeing more announcements in the weeks to come!

Please join us in welcoming Brian as our new Head of School! We have a very bright future ahead of us!

John Meyer,

KCDS Board President


Fran and Von Washington Premiere New Story “The Word Trap” at KCDS

01/05/2018 – Fran and Von Washington and their company, Washington Productions, provide an accurate and in-depth view of the African American experience through the performing arts. These two truth tellers extend the dialogue of race, culture, identity, and what it means to be American. By creating and bringing works to life that celebrate a variety of world views and not simply through the lens of the dominant culture, the Washington’s stir the dreams and imaginations of our young people.

They have directly influenced thousands of young people and how they view themselves and the world around them. That is no small feat. For decades now, the Washington’s have known what research is just now telling us: that a child’s sense of self and an understanding of their place in the world, is linked with school attendance, graduation, and academic achievement, particularly for youth who are members of non-dominant racial/ethnic groups.

Master storytellers, the Washington’s use their theater skills to conjure living moments from history for our youth. Moments that could easily have become forever lost, are lifted up and become wondrous, real, and exciting, right before children’s eyes. For many students, this is their first exposure to live theater and the art of storytelling.

Please make sure you complete and return your child’s permission slip along with $7 for them to enjoy the premiere of the Washington’s new story “The Word Trap”. This show is open to K – 8 and will run from 8:30 am to 9:30 am in the school gymnasium.