Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary is an exciting time in a child’s academic life, as students begin to take more ownership of their learning. Because of our small class size, upper elementary teachers get to know each student on a personal level, tailoring the curriculum to benefit individual needs. Utilizing research-based curriculum and practices, we work together to ensure that children are given a balanced amount of rigor and support as needed. Throughout the year, students and teachers work together to set individualized goals with plans for attaining those goals. 

Upper elementary students widen their concept of the world in both traditional and nontraditional ways. Teachers incorporate unique projects, presentations, performances, and field trips into the curriculum. Students practice researching and constructing knowledge on a wide range of topics, often combining subjects in interdisciplinary ways.

Our upper elementary school is further enriched by Spanish, technology, music, visual art, and physical education.

Third and Fourth Grade Overview

Third and Fourth Grades have been a combined class for several years at Kalamazoo Country Day School. This is a terrific opportunity for students to not only learn from each other, but to bridge with their teacher for two years, developing deep relationships as well as the ability to continue learning plans over a span of the two year period. Subject matter topics and concepts are closely related in these two grades, and this allows us to combine, as well as refine, each student's learning path with expertise and in-depth knowledge of the child.

Language Arts
Genius Hour