The Exploratory Lab

The Exploratory Lab at KCDS: Our Makerspace



If they make it, they will learn.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Kalamazoo Country Day School students with the freedom to explore all possibilities, expand their horizons, and excel at leading the way. Through collaborative STEAM/STEM activities, our students will design think real solutions, take agency of their own learning, and develop their creative confidence and critical thinking skills. The Exploratory Lab is a safe learning environment where students are free to make mistakes, which is imperative to building a growth-mindset. We believe these 21st Century skills to be the building blocks of future success in a rapidly changing world.

Vision Statement

The future vision for The Exploratory Lab at Kalamazoo Country Day School is to expand the space and its tools and materials. This will give our students endless opportunities to creatively express and build their ideas. We plan to move from its temporary location to the centrally located permanent space by the summer of 2017.We envision the space to house a workshop area, a video/audio production studio, a craft center, an electronics area, a tutorial center, a robotics area, and a collaboration zone. We also envision a mini-maker space for our youngest students called The Three Gadgeteers Lab which will be housed within The Exploratory Lab.

   Build it. Code it. Sew it. Craft it. Paint it. Make it.

Services and Protocol

The Exploratory Lab at KCDS is open to all students and teachers. Senior Kindergarten through Eighth grade teachers will have a designated time slot in which they may join their class in The Exploratory Lab to team teach with a Makerspace facilitator. Other visits may be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time.