The Preschool & Junior Kindergarten Program


At Kalamazoo Country Day School, a private and independent school, we are defined by our mission and we live it every day, even in preschool. Supportive defines Preschool and Junior Kindergarten teachers who are nurturing and caring with our youngest students; at the core of the KCDS Preschool are warm and welcoming classrooms where the children feel valued and safe. Challenging is reflected in a curriculum which focuses on the essential skills for Kindergarten readiness; it is intellectually challenging and presented through creative, small group activities. Our small class size allows for differentiated learning so every student reaches their full potential. Creative speaks to more than music and art; free and imaginative play is encouraged daily as students explore the room and their interests.

The Preschool and Junior Kindergarten curriculum is built around the essential skills your child needs to be ready for Kindergarten and they are integrated into every lesson and activity. Oral Language, Literacy, Number Sense, Visual & Gross Motor Skills, and of course, behavior and self-care are addressed daily. To round out our curriculum and beginning with our youngest students, we offer Spanish four times a week, Music three times, Physical Education twice, and Library, Art, and Computer once a week.

The core values of KCDS, “respect, responsibility, integrity, and caring” are modeled and reinforced daily. KCDS is a community where all students work together and families are encouraged to be present and involved. Everyone at Country Day has a buddy; our buddy program offers a unique opportunity for our younger students to interact with the older ones a couple times a month for special activities.

One advantage to having our Preschool and Junior Kindergarten attached to an elementary and middle school, is that we can offer our youngest students experiences in Spanish, Music, Physical Education, Library, Art, and Computer instructed by the individual classroom teachers within our school.  That means that your child is receiving Spanish instruction from a Spanish teacher, and Physical Education instruction from our school Physical Education teacher, etc. This experience is something most preschools can not offer!



All Preschool and Junior Kindergarten teachers have college level degrees with Early Childhood or Lower Elementary certification. Classroom Assistants are adults who have chosen the Early Childhood field as a career, and many also have Early Childhood or Lower Elementary certification. Classroom volunteers are never left unsupervised. Teachers are always available to meet with you concerning your child.