Middle School

The Middle School at Kalamazoo Country Day School


The Middle School program at Kalamazoo Country Day School acknowledges the uniqueness of these four years and relishes the opportunity to guide our students emotionally and academically at this critical stage in their lives.  Every day, students enter a safe place to learn, grow, and navigate their way through their middle teen years.

The Middle School academic program is comprehensive, rigorous, engaging, and hands-on. A positive atmosphere with high expectations provides every student the opportunity to achieve success. Class structure is departmentalized, and the teachers build upon the skills and study habits introduced in the lower school. A highly professional faculty works with the students to develop critical thinking skills and strong study habits. The teachers know their students well, and the academic atmosphere provides an environment that fosters a love of learning.

An enriching elective program invites students to explore various areas of interest in Art, Music, Dance, Technology, Physical Education, and Life Skills.

After graduation from Kalamazoo Country Day School, students are confident learners and are well prepared for high school and beyond.


If you are seeking a safe, small, caring environment for your middle schooler, look no further.  We have been very happy at KCDS because our son and daughter have grown into wonderful young adults who are ready to take on high school– both were placed into all honors classes, yet they are very different learners.  The most important thing to us was that our kids did not grow up too fast, and that they were challenged.  We found that the caring school community, like-minded students, and experienced teachers in the middle school were a perfect fit.

Middle School Parent; KCDS Graduates of 2014/2016