Academic Enrichments

At KCDS, learning goes far beyond the core curriculum. Beginning in preschool, students are engaged in Spanish, art, physical education, technology, music, and an ever-evolving array of electives — all tailored to suit the diverse needs of our student body.


Art classes at Kalamazoo Country Day School provide students with the opportunity to experiment, learn technical skills, and broaden their aesthetic awareness. Our art program also serves as a cultural bridge, connecting students to artistic traditions from around the globe. Students are exposed to visual art through a variety of mediums, ranging from the traditional to technology-based.

From an early age, students learn the vocabulary and concepts associated with the visual arts. They learn how to use various tools, processes, and mediums. Beginning in the early grades, students develop observational skills, and grow in their ability to describe, interpret, evaluate, and respond to the highly visual world ahead of them.

Physical Education

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