Our History


The History of Kalamazoo Country Day School

Kalamazoo Country Day School, formerly Kalamazoo Academy, was incorporated as a nonprofit, independent school in 1979 by a group of families that had been affiliated with Barbour Hall, a Catholic boys’ school operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph. When the Sisters announced the closing of their school, this group of families immediately began the necessary steps to establish a new school. The new school, no longer Catholic, military, or a boys’ school, opened its doors in September 1979 in a leased school building in Comstock, Michigan. When the population grew to 140 students, the facilities were moved to the present location at 4221 East Milham Road in Portage, Michigan. The school building was leased for seven years with an option to buy at the end of the lease. The purchase was made in 1990. The major operating expenses are funded by tuition, the Annual Fund, and other fundraising efforts.

The Tutorial Program was added in 1985 and the Preschool, Beforecare, and Aftercare programs were fully implemented by the fall of 1990. Summer programs, operated by the Preschool faculty, were included that year as well.

Kalamazoo Country Day School has the capacity to serve approximately 220 students in Preschool through Eighth Grade along with 20 full-time and 7 part-time instructors. The school is governed by a Board of Trustees and is administered by the Head of School, Brian Steele, our Executive Assistant to the Head of School, Shannon Crowley, and our Business Officer, Joni Klosterman.