Q. Who does Kalamazoo Country Day enroll?

A. Motivated students confident enough to take a risk inside the classroom.


Q. How do I apply?

A. Please contact our office at (269)329-0116 or email bsteele@mykcds.org for directions on the application process.


Q. Will my child be interviewed?

A. Yes. We will invite the family for an interview with a member of the Admissions team while your child visits the classroom. Student visits, just like our teaching approach, go beyond the norm; we look at the whole child. Student interviews vary in length depending on the age of the child.


Q. Is my child required to attend the student visit to be considered for admissions?

A. Yes. All applicants must undergo and complete the admissions process including, but not limited to, the student visit in order to receive an admissions decision.


Q. Can I visit a classroom?

A. Absolutely, we encourage you to sit in the classroom so you can see us in action!


Q. When is the application deadline?

A. KCDS’ preprimary program has rolling admissions. For elementary and middle school applicants, admittance is based upon availability and all applicants are encouraged to apply by February 15th.  Please inquire anytime during the school year.


Q. When do I find out about an admissions decision?

A. Decisions cannot be made until all requested documents are submitted and the family has completed both a student and parent visit. Decisions to admit new students to KCDS are typically determined in March after all current KCDS families have re-enrolled. Parents will receive a decision letter via mail.


Q. Do you provide lunch?

A. No. Students bring packed lunches or place online lunch orders through our preferred vendors. KCDS does have white and chocolate milk available for order online.


Q. When does the school year begin?

A. School for grades preschool-8 begins on the Tuesday after Labor Day and continues into the second full week of June.


Q. Are there Before and After School programs?

A. Yes. The building is open at 7:00 am. Preschool and Junior Kindergarten students report to the preschool rooms; older students report to the library. There is no charge for early drop off.

After care at KCDS is available from 3:15 – 6:00 pm. Preschool students meet in a designated preschool room and there is no charge for this service. Kindergarten through eighth grade students meet in the library. The charge is $7.00 until 4:30 and a $15 flat fee for any time beyond 4:30 pm.


Q. Does KCDS have financial aid?

A. Yes. Financial aid fills the gap between the cost of tuition and what a family, broadly defined, can reasonably be expected to pay — to the extent that our limited funds make possible. As an independent school, KCDS receives no money from the government or other public funding sources. The generosity of parents, alumni and other friends of the school makes financial aid possible.