M.A.D. Design Thinking Project

May 2016:  

The Fourth Graders recently spent about five months working on the M.A.D. Design Thinking Project.  This Make A Difference project centered around helping a community adult day service, The Oakland Centre.  Students first met with the guests at the center in January of this year.  After empathizing with the guests or user’s needs, they set to work to design solutions.  During the process, they kept their focus on the user’s end needs, the overall functionality of the design, and the issue of storage.  After iterating several times, sharing with peers and teachers, and redesigning their prototypes several times, the students met with some middle school students, and the sewing teacher, who worked with the fourth graders to make their ideas a reality.  Finally, the students went back to the Oakland Center to present their designs and allow the guests to try them out.  Their ideas were a BIG hit!  The Oakland Centre plans to use the four adaptable pieces of equipment (and even some copies) on a regular basis!

The article from NAIS Inspiration Labs about our fourth graders can be found here.